Flowing Dresses on Horseback

Yesterday while organizing more of my things I stumbled upon my old horseback riding helmet.  I had almost forgotten that I took lessons in college (I wasn’t the best!)but finding that helmet brought back so many fun memories.  I use to always want to show up to my lesson  in a long flowy dress, it always seemed so magical and romantic to ride a horse wearing an awesome pair of boots with a long dress blowing in the wind behind you! I never actually worked up the courage to show up to lessons in a dress mainly because I thought my teacher would think I was nuts and it also didn’t seem to safe considering I was a complete beginner and had no clue what I was doing! But one of these days I am going to have to find a way to do it and of course have someone there with a camera to capture the amazing moment. And since I’m clearly dreaming might as well have a soundtrack to dream to:

All This Time by Heartless Bastards (my favorite so of course they have to be in my dream soundtrack!)

Wagon Wheel by the Old Crow Medicine Show

Go To Sleep by The Avett Brothers


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