Shailene Woodley is one of those girls who comes off very sincere when she speaks. She’s bubbly and down to earth in interviews and on her hit show Secret Life of The American Teenager. She is the rock that holds that show together, she is the steadfast relatable character surrounded by a cheesy supporting cast. When I went and saw her movie The Descendants I found her character’s personality very relatable to my life (I can be very snarky)! I can’t wait to see her next movies “The Spectacular Now” and “White Bird” in 2013. Overtime she has gained more and more press and you see her out and about a lot. If I had to label her style it would be a mash up of retro vintage modern, and I love it. I personally can’t really pull off a lot of what she can but I do like to draw inspiration from her laid back retro vibe. She frequents my inspiration folders for wardrobe and shoot ideas.

Ps. I am completely obsessed with this girls hair. I mean come on who has hair that long and beautiful, it takes me forever to grow out my hair and I’m not sure I could ever get it this long!


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