Office Quirk

I recently moved into a bigger office space so as not to have to share one desk with two people which can be very crowded. I’ve been organizing my new desk and perusing online shops for cute quirky office supplies to decorate my space with! I came along quite a few special finds that I am in need of!

Like this amazing cat stapler for us crazy cat lady types! On that note I feel like I should also inform you that I do indeed bring my cat Teacup to work with me!

These vintage style scissors are super cute and a little bit industrial feeling!

Colorful Kate Spade note pads to jot down new ideas and to do lists!

I am in love with Anthropologie’s camera tape dispenser.

a vintage style magnifying glass, mostly for decoration or a paper weight, but would come in handy for those times you can’t seem to read the super small print!

How adorable is this super long note pad for writing down quick messages or jotting down passing ideas.

And of course a beautiful pencil for writing down all of my whimsical thoughts!


And a taste of my in office playlist for when the day gets a little to quiet for my taste:

Atlas Hands by Benjamin Francis Leftwich

Big Jet Plane by Angus & Julia Stone

Go Outside by The Cults

Get Some by Lykke Li

Don’t Wait by The Duke Spirit


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