The Obsession List

I was in Vegas recently and I was shopping in Ceasars Forum with my sister and naturally we spent forever in Anthropologie and now I am completely in love with these pants. They are so effortlessly summer feeling and I just want to throw them on every day! They are the Pointed Cressida Crops for $128.

I also fell for this fun dress, I love the cutout detailing on the back. It’s called the Geo Abaco Dress for $168. I’ve been wanting to try the new Italian Restaurant in Little Italy, San Diego called Davanti Enoteca since it first opened, but never had time or it just slipped my mind.  So a few days ago my good friend was visiting from Hong Kong and we decided to try it out. It is amazing if you go you must order the Focaccia De Recco with Honey Comb it is definitely one of the best dishes I’ve ever eaten. Everyone at the table was so surprised when they took their first bite because we had no idea how good it would be  and needless to say we most definitely did not have any left overs!

I am enamored with Zola Jesus’s song Vessel it seems to be on repeat quite often!

Low vs Diamond is awesome I love their song Wasted, their album is amazing.

I can’t get enough of the song Amongster by Policia, it seems to always be on when I’m driving to work!

I have a weird obsession with the silk dresses from Max Studio every time I go to the mall I have to go in and peruse them all! My friend is getting married in November which gives me the perfect excuse to get one soon! They are all so flowy and whimsical which is why I love them. I love  the way it looks when the wind catches the silk chiffon it looks ethereal.


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