For The Love of Wild Fox

I am completely obsessed with the Wildfox Couture I’m Really A Mermaid Dress for summer. It seems so fun to wear at the beach and to fun summer outings! After I stumbled upon the dress on pinterest I diligently headed over to site and browsed away! A while back I use to be in need of their love potion number 9 shirt, which I unfortunately didn’t get before it sold out, I never really browsed through all their stuff before, and now that I have I am completely obsessed!!


I’m Really A Mermaid Arizona Dress $84

Texas Broke Mah Heart $77

Sleeping In Shirt $77

Palomino Pony One Piece Suit $150

Prairie Rose Lennon Sweater $245

Born On The 4th of July Crop Sweater $198

I would love to be rocking this on july 4th it’s super cute and funky!

Ballet Platform $146

I’m not so great at the balancing act that is walking in High Heels due to the fact that I am extremely uncoordinated while trying to balance on a teetering heel! Which makes theses platforms perfect for someone like me, I love the fact that they actually do resemble a pink ballet slipper.

White Fox Ring $40

Headpiece with Enamel Flowers $75

Im such a sucker for head pieces, I love the romantic hippie vibe of this one!


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