The Obsession List

These amazing Strawberry Lemon Sugar scones I bought from Lemon Fire Brigade at the Great News Bake Sale saturday in San Diego. It was a fundraiser for Share Our Strengths, which is a charity helping to end childhood hunger in America. Check out her blog and get some amazing recipes: my personal favorite is her Mango Pie!

I went to the Street Art fair on Saturday and stumbled across some amazing items that I am lusting after! The top one being these amazing hardwood music drums that start at $175 but I really want the coffee table one unfortunately for me it’s a little out of the price range at $8500. Check them out at

I stumbled upon this very cool store in Little Italy called Vitreum and they have the most amazing little home knick knacks. I got this amazing bell for my bike thats from Japan and it has the prettiest tone I’ve ever heard! They also have these unique japanese plants called Kokedama, which are little clay and soil balls covered with moss with a plant growing out of the top, to water them you stick them in a bowl of water and then hang them or set them wherever you like. They also have these glass vases in different shapes most of them you put flowers in, but in the store they had one with plants and a beta fish and I am in need of having one of those!

In need of this Voile Trapeze Slip from Free People. It just screams lazy summer mornings and I love that.

This Vintage Pearl Handpiece from Free People only $38

The Collected Stitches Pullover in green from Anthropologie. This is the prettiest shade of green I’ve seen in a while especially on my very light skin.

My Coachella Bracelet which I have refused to take off, due to the fact that I still feel like I’m in Coachella mode!

I’ve been listening to the The WildBirds non stop this week, favorite song”Like A Cigarette”

Anya Marina is one of my favorite singers! Her newest album Felony Flats that came out in March is lovely I am obsessed with the songs Black Magic, Body Knows Best, Hot Button and Believe Me I Believe! Such an addicting Album!


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