Smile It Was Coachella

So there’s been a lack of posting on my part due to freaking out and getting ready for Coachella!! Needless to say it was amazing and I can’t wait to buy my ticket for next year in June. It was an unbearably hot 106 degrees last weekend, we literally ran from shade to shade on our way between shows and sometimes stopping at the Do Lab to get sprayed down! Every show I went to was amazing, the girls kicked butt this year at Coachella! Here is a lost of the shows I went to:

Wolf Gang

Other Lives

Givers (Definitely in my top 3! She rocked it with her drums, I am now obsessed with her!!!)



Explosions In The Sky

The Rapture ( a new favorite that I had never listened to, but went with my friends who loved it)

Arctic Monkeys

The Black Keys



Grouplove (so amazing live!)

Grace Potter & The Nocturnals

Kaiser Chiefs ( he was super entertaining and ran off into the beer gardens to grab a beer… gotta love it)


Miike Snow( amazing amazing amazing and lykke li came out and sang a song with him!)

David Guetta

The Shins




First Aid Kit

Santigold ( Unfortunately I only got to see one of her songs,but she was phenomenal live!)

The Weekend

Girl Talk (always amazing)

Florence + The Machine(she is so entertaining and her voice is beautiful)

Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg

I wanted to see so many more shows but there were so many time conflicts, and we learned fast on the first day that you need to take a break sometime during the day to be able to make it through all the amazing headliner shows at night! I rwally wih I could’ve seen Lissie she is one of my favorites!


This was Johanna Soderberg from First Aid Kit which was one of my favorite shows at Coachella. I want her dress so badly, i was so in love with it during the show!



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