The Lemon Breeland Closet

Lemon Breeland from Hart of Dixie is fastly becoming a fashion obsession I love her sweet modern southern wardrobe! she is always perfectly put together and I love it. Jamie King seems to glow this golden lemony color whenever shes done up as Lemon Breeland and it’s just stunning, her makeup artist is very talented! I was shopping at the other day and was noticing all of the wardrobe I saw that looked like Lemon Breeland would be wearing it on the next episode and I had to share!

This is the Asos Skater Dress with embellished detail $214.86

The Asos shift dress with embellished bow $58.19

Asos Emily & Fin Vintage Style Floral Dress $53.72

Asos Midi Dress with Rose Print $68.04

Asos Darling Bow Trim Skater Dress $85.94

Asos Cropped Trousers In Pink Floral Rose Print $75.20

Asos Gingham Trousers $62.67

Asos twenty-seven names Catherine silk shirt with blueprint classic bowtie $170.19

Asos Blouse with Side Tie Pussybow $50.13

Asos Oasis Piped Collar Shirt $62.67

Asos Shirt With Scalloped Collar $53.72


One comment

  1. merrylittleworld · March 31, 2012

    I completely agree! Lemon’s wardrobe is ahhhmazing 🙂

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