The New Cat Lady

It seems like recently cats have been everywhere and no one can get enough of them. It’s like our generation is making being a cat lady trendy, and to tell you the truth I love it! I myself have a cat and do seem to find myself more drawn to things that have cats on them because of their seemingly fun quirkiness. I have a maine coon and boy do they get big when they grow up, it’s like they never stop growing! I randomly found him at a local store and had to have him even though my mom did not want me getting a boy cat because they can spray people. But she has since eaten those words and is fully obsessed with my cat Teacup who I have now potty trained which is amazing because it means no more litter box, thats right my cat uses the toilet!


Everything below I found at apparently thats the place to go if your looking for anything with kitties on it! I might need to stock up on a few of these quirky items!

Look at Me Meow Top, unfortunately it’s sold out right now!

Feline Fabulous Dress $89.99

I so want to wear this to a party because of how fun and random it is, it would definitely be a conversation starter!

Caturday Tunic $44.99

Super cute, of all of the cat clothing I’ve seen this would be one of my top 2 picks.

Fur Sighted Top $29.99

This would be the other pick in my top 2. I just love a cat wearing awesome red glasses!!

You’ve Gotta Be Kitten Me Bootie $182.99

These are so completely random, I can’t decide if I love them or hate them!

It’s Raining Cats Umbrella $27.99

Love It!

Twin Tabbies Shaker Set $11.99

I might need a cat themed table setting to go along with these bad boys!

Little Kitty Mischief Necklace $25.99

This is one of the cutest kitten necklaces I’ve seen in a while, I love that little pink bow!

Paw Me A Cup Tea Set $45.99

This is adorable I would love this to serve tea to friends on rainy days.

Vintage Morning Purr-son Mug $12.99

I’m dying over the cat tail handle!

Cat and Grouse Mug Set $29.99

I love that little fat gray cat!

Step Into My Paw-fice Paper Clips $9.99

I can even catify my office, so many things to buy!





One comment

  1. A Fairview On Fashion · March 26, 2012

    These are fabulous finds! So cute.

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