The Obsession List

This past week has been super hectic, so I was super excited and looking forward to St Patrick’s Day yesterday, it was like the light at the end of a crazy tunnel! It was a very fun night filled with fun people and kind of nasty tasting green beer! All in all it was a good week so here are a few of my current obsessions.

Diane Birch is amazing I’ve been in love with her voice for a while now and can’t seem to get enough of it! My 2 top favorite songs by her are “Rewind” and “Valentino” I highly recommend you listen to her music and get hooked!

Afrobeta is a fun mix of music I love listening to “As Long As You Like” when getting ready to go out!

I am way to obsessed with Florence and The Machine’s new song “No Light No Light” It’s kinda way amazing and has this hippy feel to it that I am obsessed with!

I love Neiman Marcus Zodiac Cafe there food is so good and when you step in it’s like stepping out of the mall craziness and into a super chic relaxing atmosphere. Suddenly they hand you this amazingly good and warm popover with strawberry butter and I could eat at least 5 of them in one sitting! I just bought a popover pan and can’t wait to start making my own!

I saw these shorts at BP in Nordstrom the other day and they were so cute I might need them for summer! I’m pretty sure they are $32 and The brand is Fire.

So my sister and I went shopping and she was looking for running shoes and really wanted a pair of the Nike Free Run 2.0, problem is she hates neon colors, she would much rather have a gray, black or brown shoe but most of the stores only carry these bright neon colored ones, which I loved but couldn’t decide between! After looking in the mirror at myself and deciding that they were just to bright for my liking, I really don’t want peoples focus to be on my feet so I went with the light grey ones below with bits of  neon orange, they match my Gap leggings I bought with the orange stripe down the side!!

I saw this adorable love bird printed dress in BP at Nordstrom the other day, it’s just so sweet. I love cutesy prints for spring and the dress is fun and flowy which I love!

I first fell in love with Sam Edelman flats years ago, they were so comfortable and super cute! I saw these floral flats a few weeks ago and feel the need to have them in my closet, but then I saw the heel version of those flats and am in love with them! They are so cute and fun and I really like chunky heels since I have the worlds worst balance!


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  1. When Harry Met Celery · March 18, 2012

    What a nice, little, girly post! I like you style of writing. Good one! When you have the time, do drop by my space. I just made some chickpea and cracker-based hors d’œuvres and would love to know what you think 🙂

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