The Cinderella Moment With Dilek Hanif

I’m dying over the Dilek Hanif Haute Couture s/s 2012 collection. Every girl has that Cinderella fantasy somewhere in the back of their mind where the handsome prince comes and sweeps you off your feet and you live happily ever after, now when my prince comes to sweep me off my feet I would like to be wearing one of Dilek Hanif’s amazing flowy gowns! They are my complete fantasy gowns they are light and airy and super girly feeling, I would love to just put one on and dance around in it for hours. His collection all seemed so flowy and yet somehow super structured, there were so many sparkles and everything was dripping with intricate details to die for!

My Cinderella Moment Playlist:

Sky by Joshua Radin

Feeling A Moment by Feeder

Best Days by Graham Colton

Humble Peasants by The Most Serene Republic

My cinderella dress is above I would love to be swept off my feet in this!

I also wouldn’t mind having my cinderella moment in this light green dress either!

I am thoroughly obsessed with this look the detailed sheer body suit is to die for!


One comment

  1. Farrukh · March 4, 2012

    Nice entry, that first dress is my fav! We created a video summary of our time at London fashion week, do have a look 🙂

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