San Francisco In The Heart

I have officially been converted into a San Francisco lover. In the past I have never truly had the best feelings about San Francisco but this past weekend that all changed.  I had a blast going to new restaurants, exciting new coffee shops  and all the new sweets I was lucky enough to try! I will definitely be going back for more visits to see more of the city and go on fun adventures with friends.

So first off I went to the California Academy of Sciences and it was a blast I loved going through the aquarium even though I am terrified of sharks and fish in general! They also had this eco system replica of the rain forest that was so fun to walk through with tons of butterflies flying about. Above is the albino crocodile which was my favorite part.

I went to Bi-Rite Creamery which is an ice cream shop and has the most unique flavors along with the classic ones we all love. I got Lavender Honey with salted caramel and the combo was amazing! They had so many other unique flavors I wanted to try like: earl grey,orange cardamom, roasted banana and basil! The ice cream is totally worth the 20 minute wait in line:)

My first night there I went to Citrus Club for dinner and am now thoroughly addicted and dreaming of their Garlic soy sauce edamame, so so addicting!

So I have never had drip brew coffee, which is where they pour the water of the coffee which filters into your own personal cup (like pictured above). It is so soft and pure tasting I am now in love and on a new mission to find the best in San Diego.  Blue Bottle coffee is now on my top five favorite coffee shops list and will definitely be going back there in the future!

I finally got to go to Chantal Guillon for my macaroons that I am obsessed with! Above are some of the flavors I picked out including: Passion Fruit, Jasmine Green Tea, Lavender Poppy and Grapefruit! Passion Fruit was definitely my favorite, I am completely obsessed with anything that has a hint of passion fruit in it and am kind of sad that you can’t ever find the fruit anywhere in the US.

Susie Cakes Bakery was delicious, their cupcakes are so cute and I love all the light pastel colors. Each cupcake is filled with a little bit of frosting and is incredibly yummy. My friend is getting married and wants to serve cupcakes at her reception, so we were doing a little cupcake tasting research for the big day. I had the mint chocolate cupcake and it was perfect!

My friends who I was staying with in San Francisco have a list of restaurants they keep o their phone that they want to try but never have, so one night we decided to try one of them. We picked Wayfare Tavern and it was so very good I loved everything we ordered. We had citrus marinated organic beets with mozzarella, roasted brussel sprouts, their famous organic fried chicken, Guinness Braised Lamb Shank, and some very good glasses of wine, I had the Schneider Resiling Kabinett Niersteinr Paterberg and loved it!


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  1. fred · February 29, 2012

    Basil ice cream yessssss

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