The Obsession List

So I’m thinking of making the obsession list a weekly thing! I mean by the end of the week I have so many things I’ve seen and love or music I’ve been listening to non stop that I feel the need to share it, so here are this weeks can’t live without’s:

Whiskeytown is one of my all time favorite bands, I could never get tired of listening to them! My complete obsession is their song Everything I do, the guitar in it is one of my favorites and his lyrics are beautiful!  Other songs I couldn’t live without by them are :

Everything I do

Indian Gown

16 Days


I Still Miss Someone

10 Seconds

So I love Sufjan Stevens I mean who doesn’t he’s an amazing artist. His song For the Widows in Paradise, For The Fatherless In Ypsilanti is so beautiful I am in love with the banjo in it (which I am currently learning to play and would love to learn this song) I can’t really put into words how this song is you just have to listen to it.

The Jezabels is a new obsession that I found a few days ago I’m kinda in love with her voice and lyrics its all put together so beautifully. I love the song City Girl, it just takes me somewhere magical everytime I listen to it. The songs I love by The Jezabels:

City Girl

She’s So Hard

A Little Piece

Endless Summer

So I stumbled upon these Calvin Klein “nadine” patent leather pumps at Nordstroms (on sale) the other day with a friend. We were trying on shoes left and right and I just decided to slip them on for fun, I mean they didn’t look like anything special just plain old pumps.  But when I tried them on I couldn’t leave without them, they looked amazing on my foot, and weirldy from the front they looked like I was wearing sky high heels but their not that very tall at all it was amazing. Trust me I know they look boring and ordinary but they are far from it!

Painting My nails today with my all time favorite red Essie’s Fishnet Stockings. I have an abundance of red nail polish, I just love red nails in the fall and winter. I’ve always searched for the best color I could find and never really found one that stuck until this one it has the deep red color I wanted that compliments my very pale skin.

So since I’m flying to San Francisco tomorrow I went out and got a book recommended by my sister to read on the plane. I started it last night and am now on chapter ten. It is amazing like a mix of Harry Potter and Twilight for adults, and yes I realize how cheesy that sounds but it truly is a good read and I whole heartedly recommend it! Deborah Harkness is an amazing writer and you won’t be disappointed.

So I just bought this bag at a thrift store this week, it’s a vintage Dooney and Bourke All Weather Leather over the shoulder bag and It’s in amazing condition, it looks like no one ever really used it.  Normally they range from $200-$400 and the place had no idea what it was so I grabbed it for only $24.  Of course I went online and looked up how to tell if it was a fake I went to:

I discovered that I have the very early bags that have no sewn in tags (1980’s).  And I learned how to tell that it actually was an authentic D&B bag!

I am in love with just throwing on an oversized sweater over a printed long sleeve shirt since the weather has been chilly this week. Free People always has the best selection I love the one in the picture above! I don’t own that one (yet!) the one I have is from free people and its a deep v-neck black knitted sweater so it shows off my cute printed tees that peek out from the v-neck!

This leather jacket from Lucky Brand is to die for, it’s a super light weight leather for spring and has a lightweight cotton lining. But the hoodie and pockets are my favorite part, the hoodie drapes so nicely when slid over the top of your head! I am lusting badly after this jacket but it’s $400 and I couldn’t bring myself to spend that right now.

Milk and Honey is a sight I stumbled upon where you can design your own shoes and they will make them and ship them out to you! Its super fun and the shoes are very cute, the one above are some that I had fun making. The first one is a pointed flat with white snake skin and brown leather trim. The second is also a pointed flat with black patent leather and a black patent leather back strap and is covered in studs. The last is a black pony hair bootie with snake skin trim! Check out their site:


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