The San Francisco Experience

This friday I am flying off to San Francisco for a visit one of my good friends who just got engaged lives there and I haven’t been in quite awhile.  I’ve actually never really liked San Francisco that much I don’t know if it’s just the cold or maybe I’ve just had bad experiences but this time around I’m determined to love it and am researching all sorts of fun places to go and yummy foods to eat! Someone suggested going bike riding down by the water where it’s flat which actually sounds like a lot of fun due to my obsession, however I’m not quite convinced it’s actually very flat anywhere! Although I may have not had the most amazing times in San Francisco I did have some really fun memories, like going to have authentic Dim Sum with my friend where they proceeded to get us to eat chicken feet, now I’m sorry but I’m just not that adventurous and there’s no way I’m eating feet especially since I already have an aversion to them! But it was still the best memory I have their just sitting trying to blindly order off carts and laughing the whole way through, but I do have to say the noodles were amazing and I would go back just to eat some more of them!! Now during our trip through china town we discovered a shop that sells live birds that people purchase and later make for dinner, we stopped and bought a pair which we named Gretta and Gilbert and then took to a park by her house and let free we felt so bad for them and they were so cute! So if anyone has any recommendations of where to eat and what to do while I’m in San Francisco I’d really appreciate it and love to hear them!!

My Get In The Mood For San Francisco Plane Playlist:

City Girl by The Jezabels

The A Team by Ed Sheeran

She’s So Hard by The Jezabels

Suego Faults  by Wolf Gang

Give Me Love by Ed Sheeran

1901 by Birdy (I cannot wait for her new album release March 20th!!!)

Can’t wait to hit up some good bakeries, any suggestions?

I will definitely be making a trip to Chantal Guillon for some macaroons!

Also, packing is such a task especially for someone like me whose a big baby about cold weather! I’ve been racking my brain over what to bring with me, I’m only there for three days and two nights but still thats an outfit for the day one for dinner and one for if were going out and some pajamas!

I might be in need of a trench coat!

cute tights for nights out!

Scarfs to keep warm.

Maybe some cute hats.

I will definitely need to layer up like her! But skip the heels I’m so doing flats in Hilly SF!


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