Cave Drawing Old World Rodarte

Rodarte’s Fall 2012 NYFW show in a word was so cool! I am completely obsessed with their dresses that have handprints scattered about them, if I could pick a dress out of their collection it would be one of those! I love the cave drawing influences in their prints and the retro feel of the fit and style of each garment. I absolutely love the detail of the peter pan collars they’re so sweet and old world feeling. I’m also in need of the metal star hair clips the models were wearing, it added just the right amount of flare to the hair, which was a messy modern play off of the 40’s hairstyles. So amazing I can just see Natalie Portman wearing one of these gowns down a red carpet!

My Cave Drawing Old World Rodarte Playlist:

Rave On by The Cults

I want You by Bo Molasses

A Little Piece by The Jezabels

I’m dying over this dress!!!!


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