The Obsession List

Sometimes I can obsess over things for example playing the same song over and over and over again and never getting sick of it! Same thing applies to clothes and shoes if I see something I love in the store I find a way to buy it, but only if it’s a can’t live without item! I walked into Gap the other day and everything was so bright and welcoming I wanted almost everything I laid my hands on, and how did I not know about their shoe line, its amazingly comfortable and I am now obsessed with all things Gap for spring:)

Ed Sheeran’s Give Me Love is beautiful I love his voice and the guitar in it is so pretty.  I could listen to this song all day long.

Givers UP UP UP song is so upbeat and happy I love driving to work in the morning listening to it, it just puts me in a good happy mood!

Hurts song Devotion is a beautiful slow song, I didn’t really like it at first but now I can’t get enough of it!

Trent Dabbs song Wrap My Mind Around You is another one I love to listen to in the morning while getting ready for work, I love his voice and I really like the lyrics.

JoAnna James song Try has a really nice slow beat to it and I love her deep voice, I’m sort of a sucker for deep voices!

She Wants Revenge song Up In Flames is one of those songs that makes me feel sort of like a bad ass while listening to it!

The GAP shoe collection is amazing and comfortable I just love how simple and yet chic each of there shoes are! This is the skimmer ballet flat and it’s only $49.95

These would be so cute for spring bike rides and farmers market’s. This is the Grosgrain Ribbon Espadrilles for $59.95

This shirt is so cute and comfy and the pink is much brighter in person. This is the Striped Dolman- Sleeve T and its $24.95

So I just bought these the other day on my trip to GAP and they are very flattering and comfortable.  For some reason their much cuter in person and the orange is brighter! I love them for yoga and running errands they’re the Gapfit gfast colorblock leggings for $54.95

Such a cute fun shirt for running around on a sunny spring day. The Ikat Dolman-Sleeve T for $27.95

These are amazing Nicholas Kirkwood Flower Sandal and they are a whopping $1200.


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