The Mix Matched Home

I’ve recently moved into a new apartment and have slowly been gathering new decorating ideas and attempting to pull it all together. I’ve been racking my brain over how to pull my breakfast nook together, I have a dining table and no chairs but I am really liking the mix matched chair look. I’ve been hitting up all sorts of thrift stores looking for chairs I like that I can paint fun colors, I’m thinking maybe a few yellows or blues! I also have a plethora of art just leaning against my walls on the floor because I can’t decide where to hang it all. All of my art has special meaning to me, my sister does pastels and so I have a few fun pieces she’s made like a drawing of us from behind (we love it because we have such different derrieres!) along with a beautiful close up flower pastel and I’m still waiting on another close up flower so I can hang them side by side. I would also like to fill my hallway with black and white photos of family and friends, I feel like making the photos black and white makes it a little more sophisticated. I also want to hang fun things with my collection of photos to it up a bit and add some contrast, for example my good friend made me an M wrapped in mustard yellow yarn and it is so cute! Another thing I’ve always loved are sheer curtains they always brighten up a room and they blow so beautifully in the breeze, the good thing about sheers is that people can’t see through them during the day but unfortunately they can during night so I’m also hanging blinds behind them. On another note one problem with my otherwise adorable apartment is the lack of closet space, my bedroom has this weird nook in it next to the closet that was really to small to place any furniture in so instead I decided to hang some bars in it and make it another closet and for the door I’m going to use a curtain! I’m also very excited about living in between the beach and the bay because now I can finally get a bike since it’s pretty flat around here. I can’t wait for bike rides to the grocery store and local coffee shops which I have still yet to find but I’m determined!

My Decorating Playlist:

Try by JoAnna Hames

Suego Faults by Wolf Gang

Slow by Grouplove

With Wings by Amy Stroup

You’re The Reason by Victoria Justice

loving mix matched dishes!

There’s something about all white bathroom decor.


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