Rainy Tuesday’s

This morning I woke up and it was gloomy and rainy out, but since I live in southern California I was kind of excited to see the rain drops!  I went on a trip to Nashville a while ago and had my first experience with super intense rain storms that show up out of the blue and end just as quickly. Me and a friend were caught in one without an umbrella and decided to make a run for the car instead of waiting under the eaves for it to stop, we were soaked by the time we got near the car and as soon as I opened the door it suddenly stopped! So we may not get that many rainy days here but when we do I try and appreciate them, especially since it’s almost as if the city shuts down since no one really knows how to deal with rain here. I pulled on my favorite pair of Coach rain boots picked up my polka dot umbrella (which I purchased in Dublin, Ireland during a rain storm) and headed out the door to start my day! I love coming home on a rainy day after work and sitting down with a giant cup of hot cocoa, today I mixed it up and tried lavender hot cocoa and it’s actually really good! So I’m in for a nice night at home with my cat Teacup lots of hot cocoa, udon noodles and a few of my favorite tv shows!

My Rainy Day Playlist

It Never Rains In Southern California by Albert Hammond

Sleep by Azure Ray

Sincerely Hope It’s You by Edith Blacklund

Far From Here by Alissa Moreno

Worn Me Down by Rachel Yamagata

P.S. I’ve always had this fantasy of kissing in the rain I’m going to nee to try that sometime in the future!!

All Photos found via pinterest.com


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