In A World of Olympia Le Tan Handbags

I just discovered a new obsession on pinterest and it’s Olympia Le Tan Handbags. They are so kitschy in a hipster nerdy kinda way I can’t wait to order one. I just have to decide which one I can’t Live without and save up some money since their expensive, especially with the exchange rate the way it is. I’m sort of in love with the red Dizzie Bag, it’s embroidered on the front with the saying “Some of my favorite good things to eat” it’s just to cute!   The majority of their collection are clutches modeled after book covers but they also have fun bags shaped like milk cartons and luggage! I’d love to take one of these on my Catalina Island trip or to a fun birthday party!  I feel like they would make any outfit seem fresh and playful! I definitely suggest you head over to their site and check out their amazing collection of handbags I promise you it’s worth the visit!

My Good Things To Eat Playlist:

Shove It by Santogold

Boom by Anjulie

Click by Little Boots

Geraldine by Glasvegas

Superhuman Touch by Athlete

The Dizzy Bag, it’s so cute round and red I need it!!

The Milk Carton Bag Collection

Some of the book clutch collection!

The Ex-Wife Book Clutch


One comment

  1. rococogirl · February 2, 2012

    Very cute! -xoxo RR

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