If The Bra Fits

I always hated bra shopping it seemed like this tedious never ending task, and I never found anything that fit right or wasn’t uncomfortable.  Then I went to Nordstrom on a whim one day and decided to peruse the lingerie department looking for new bras.  A sales associate approached me and asked if I would like a fitting, I kindly told her that I had recently been fitted somewhere else and have always had a bad experience bra shopping.  She talked me into a fitting and I’m glad she did because it changed my life, and no I’m not kidding it really did! Its a long process but totally worth it, I came to find out that I had been measured wrong my whole life! Apparently most people wear their cup size to small and band size to large, she also gave me some great tips on fitting my bra straps correctly and picked out a bunch of stuff for me to try on.  I left the store with a whole new collection that actually fit amazingly and was super comfortable. I’ve come to learn that I’m a huge fan of Chantelle bras, they fit perfectly and are super cute! I strongly suggest you go get a fitting at Nordstrom and find your right size!

My “yay for me I found a bra that totally fits”  playlist:

Hello by Martin Solveig and Dragonette

Ready 2 Go by Martin Solveig and Kele

Just A Little Bit by Kids of 88

Youngblood by Naked and Famous

DNA by The Kills

Photos found on Chantelle.com


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