The Splendid Stripe

There’s something about Splendid all of there clothes is comfy and has just that right amount of worn in look to it. And their signature stripe doesn’t hurt, in fact almost everything I buy from them has stripes on it somehow! One of my favorite go to shirts is from Splendid I wear it almost every week it has 3/4 length loose sleeves and red and dark blue stripes. It’s casual, comfy and cute so I always grab it when I’m in a hurry because I know I’ll feel confident in it no matter what situation I’m thrown into! They don’t sell it anymore on their website so the only picture of my favorite shirt I found was one of country cutie Taylor Swift wearing it during a show in Los Angeles! My rushed in the morning throw on my favorite tee playlist is:

Flaunt by Girls Love Shoes

Super Conductor by Beautiful Small Machines

Counting Back To 1 by Beautiful Small Machines

Pumped Up Kicks by Foster The People

Come With Me by Ceo

And did you know that Splendid actually just came out with a body care line! I haven’t tried it yet but I’m definitely going to have to order some. They have three scents Costal Musk, Ruby Grapefruit and Golden Blossom, so It’s kind of hard to pick one!!

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