Bando Clips That Sparkle

Lately I’ve been obsessing over hair clips, I love adding just a touch of sparkle to my hair.  Somehow putting a sparkly bobby pin or flower clip in my hair makes me feel so dressed up even if I’m not really.  I stumbled upon Bando a little over a year ago when a friend of mine told me she had met one of the owners. she handed me their adorable business card and that night I went online to see what they were all about, and ever since then I’ve been hooked. Last Valentines Day I sent my friend their signature heart clip for her birthday and since she liked it so much I decided to send a few more out to some close friends and my sister for Valentines! I even bought one for myself they are so cute and quirky, I still wear mine out all the time! Bando also has a bridal collection to die for they have this amazing Tiara right now and if I were getting married  then I’d probably being buying it!

I have sparkly clips in my hair playlist:

Valentino by Diane Birch

I Go Away by MNDR

Obsession by Sky Ferreria

Something In Common by Free Energy Heart $15

Its can go in your hair or be pinned to a shirt or even clipped onto your shoes!

Empress Tiara $300

Paramount Jeweled Headband $350

Rose Halo $130

Odette Crystal Bobbi Pin $130

Classic Bow $45

Gingham Bow Headband $25

Gift Bow $35

Sequin Party Clip on sale for $20


All photos found at


One comment

  1. Love and I Do · January 27, 2012

    i love the heart and the rose halo!!

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