Haute Hippie Romance

The Spring 2012 collection from Haute Hippie is amazing, every piece is full of detail and intricate sparkles. The whole collection has the romantic feeling that I’ve come to love about Haute Hippie.  I feel like I should be running through fields of golden wheat with the wind blowing my hair all about.  I just love the romantic feeling long flowing dresses give me especially when there’s just the right amount of sparkle on them, they tend to make me feel like a princess. I’ve never actually been able to purchase a piece from Haute Hippie but that doesn’t mean I don’t try them all on when I happen to come across them, but hopefully this spring that’ll all change and I can finally get my hands on one of those amazing sparkly pieces! And the music I will be listening to when I finally have my sparkles and am dancing around my bedroom in whatever piece it happens to be will be romantic feeling:

Valentino by Diane Birch (so obsessed with her right now!)

Boomerangs and Seesaws by Shannon Curtis

As Long As Our Hearts Are Beating by Jenny & Tyler

Emmylou by First Aid Kit

Everything I do (miss you) by Whiskeytown


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