Lazy Lounge Wear Mornings

My favorite mornings during the week are the ones where you get to wake up late and lounge about, relaxing in bed in comfy pajamas with your favorite cup of coffee (for me it’s normally wednesdays,late work start day). First thing I do when I manage to pull myself out of my warm bed in the morning is to wrap a comfy throw around my shoulders to keep me warm and then I pick out a record that suits the mood of the morning.  Then I grab my coffee and a good book, normally something fun to read like a new cookbook or a unique decorating ideas book (anthropologie always has the best ones)! I also love to sit around and write out my to do lists for the rest of the week, it makes me feel super organized and not like I’m wasting time!

My Record choices this morning:

Bon Iver’s album For Emma Forever Ago

Belle and Sebastian’s album Write About Love

She & Him’s album Volume Two



  1. Cassie · January 25, 2012

    Love all these photos, I wish I was relaxing in a sun beam!

  2. kelly @ paper doll theory · January 25, 2012

    i wish i had more lazy mornings to relax. cute post 🙂

    love kelly

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