I’ve been thinking about style Icons lately and who might be the next iconic figure whose style we all fall in love with, and I thought of a few but at the top of my list was the beautiful Elle Fanning.  She is still very young but she has this grown up way about her, her style is way beyond her years, in a good way, but yet she still maintains this girlish side to her. All of her photo shoot’s are styled so wonderfully, it just makes me want to find and buy every piece she happens to be wearing.  There is also something so whimsical about her and her movie choices like Twixt or Super 8 or even We Bought A Zoo. I can’t wait to see what she has planned next because she never lets me down! I put together a very interesting fantasy type whimsical playlist that I would have playing if I were the one modeling in these photos instead of Elle (which thankfully I’m not!)

Don’t Move by Phantogram

There’s A Pot A Brewin by The Little Ones

Keep Running by Gemma Hayes

Young Folks by Peter Bjorn and John

La Ritournelle by Sebastien Tellier

Cosmic Love by Florence and The Machine

A Night In Vegas by Victor Malloy

The Pageant of The Bizarre by Zero 7

Paradise by Coldplay

Wide Eyes by Local Natives


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