The High Low Skirt

I have always had a fascination turned addiction with long flowy skirts, there’s just something so romantic about them.  But recently I’ve been buying skirts like crazy and they all have one thing in common, the high low hem. I love how it shows off my legs in a sexy way without being overly revealing.  Today alone I bought two of them, clearly I need to stop getting near the mall for now since they seem to be in every store. As soon as I got home I tried them on to see how they would look all put together and here is my playlist while I was dancing around in my long skirts like I was in a music video:

Big Jet Plane by Anjus & Julia Stone

Tell Me (clock opera remix) by Au Revoir Simone

Lighthouse by Chris O’Brien

Postcards From Hell by The Wood Brothers

Everything I Do (miss you) by Whiskeytown

Sway by Heartless Bastards

Devil Town by Bright Eyes

Paper Aeroplane by Anjus & Julia Stone

In The Sun by Joseph Arthur



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