The Heel Beat

First post feels kinda crazy…I love music I am currently learning the guitar and the banjo and I’ve taught myself how to play the ukulele and a little bit on the harmonica. Music is such a huge part of my life it evokes so many different emotions and memories…but what’s really kinda funny about it is that whatever songs I’m listening to in the morning while I’m getting ready totally effects my wardrobe,hair and makeup choices for the day, needless to say that sometimes my outfit will be sweet and girly and my makeup will wind up kinda hardcore feeling haha thats what I get for listening to my music on shuffle. So here are a few of the songs currently on repeat on my ipod and the shoes they tend to inspire me to throw on in the morning or evening…

Lana Del Rey’s Born To Die is amazing I’m totally addicted to her voice it’s so deep sounding which I love It would definitely inspire me to throw on these Yves Saint Laurent Heels

The Kill’s DNA song always makes me feel like a badass I love throwing on a playlist of their music before I go out for the evening. I’ve been thoroughly obsessed with them ever since I first heard Sour Cherry. Listening to them tends to bring out my badass biker chick side and those Urban Outfitter Spiked booties would definitely be at the top of my list!

Phantogram’s When I’m Small is amazingness in a song It’s on repeat in my car 24/7 but I have to say I pretty much love all of their songs including mouthful of diamonds and Don’t Move. This song always inspires me to wear black

The Naked and Famous Young Blood. I recently added this song to my obsessions playlist which is basically a random compilation of songs that I am thoroughly obsessed with and by obsessed i mean I can play this song thirty times in a row and never get sick of it. I would definitely wear these pink suede and gold glitter heels out for a night of dancing to any The Naked and Famous song. On a side not The Naked and famous played a show up in Mammoth Lakes,CA recently for the festival of lights where some people in the crowd started throwing things forcing them to shut down the show early and head home. Not cool guys not cool.

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